The Idea

Though fashion is the biggest topic of practical rumors and is discussed everywhere either in print media/audio-visual media/internet or in small or big public gatherings like daily kitty parties, but still I feel that there is a scope and need... Continue Reading →

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The Concept

Human being is a social creature and society is a collection of different types of human beings with certain similarities to unite them. The first and the foremost thing is the exterior appearance and that comprises┬áthe practice of wearing clothes... Continue Reading →

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Fashion-Its Appearance, Back-Drop Preparations/Making And Technology

Appearance can be defined as the way someone looks. It not only includes looks but also the presentation and the impact of a personality. It includes the clothes, accessories, hair styling, the foot styling and above all the facial expressions... Continue Reading →

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The Role of Elements of Nature in Fashion

This post summaries the interconnection of fashion and nature in the most unusual way.

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