Appearance can be defined as the way someone looks. It not only includes looks but also the presentation and the impact of a personality. It includes the clothes, accessories, hair styling, the foot styling and above all the facial expressions and confidence. We can say that confidence has a deep impact and is somehow powered by the fashion of that specific era.

The clothes which are the part of the appearance have their own manufacturing history and the process of making. This making is nothing else but the back-drop or the efforts which have been put in by the people for making of the dress or accessories. This process does not include the manufacturing of textile but includes all the work added to that textile after its manufacturing. This process gives the textile/material of accessories a definite shape. All the designing, stitching, tailoring etc operations fall under this category.

Technology includes the processing of the textiles to obtain the garment. Various types of machines are used for different types of textiles. There are spinning, knitting, weaving, stitching and other multi-purpose machines which start from simple hand-working machines to really complicated motor driven machines. Even many softwares like CAD,etc are made today to add various designs to the garment. The technology is being improved at a great speed to minimize wastage and maximize the quality and appearance of the garment.