Human being is a social creature and society is a collection of different types of human beings with certain similarities to unite them. The first and the foremost thing is the exterior appearance and that comprises the practice of wearing clothes and accessories etc. All these rivers of clothes, accessories, footwear, makeup, style,elegance etc mix up to create the ocean of fashion.

According to me Fashion is an expression of a personality.

Fashion is the way a person appears in front of others. It is the way of conveying that he/she is a part of the same society and culture as we are and that he/she is trying to adapt to his/her surroundings and people around. A woman’s dress does not completely defines fashion, it is the way she carries herself in front of others. There is no possible reason on earth to consider dressing as fashion.

Difference between dressing and fashion-

  • Covering the body with any type of clothes is dressing

Presenting yourself in front of others in an elegant way is fashion.

Example- A person has wrapped himself with a bed-sheet and does not appear nude in public, this will not be called the fashion until and unless the society in which he lives also does the same.


(courtesy: pinterest)

  • Dressing can be related with any type of dress

Fashion can be related with the type of style or/and accessories which is trendy (of which even the dressing is a part)

  • Dressing is a vague term which only reflects the covering of the body

Fashion is a defined term which has its own time related classifications.

In conclusion, fashion is a style prevalent at a given time which even conveys the customs of the respective societies. A style only becomes a fashion when it is accepted by a monumental population. So fashion can be defined as the ideal of beauty accepted widely. In other words it is an artistic science of combining color, style, pattern and texture to create final impact which is to be accepted and practiced as perfect for any specific time, place and the user.